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Understanding How the Heart Works

The heart is the organ in charge of pumping blood throughout the body to supply oxygen, so that all organs function normally. If you don't get oxygen, your body tissue will be damaged and die. Let's understand how the heart works in pumping blood, as well as any diseases that can interfere with the workings of this organ. The heart works endlessly to support the circulatory system. In addition to the heart as the center, this system also consists of a network of blood vessels, such as arteries (arteries), veins (veins), and capillaries. Recognize How the Heart Works There are four heart chambers involved in the work of the heart to pump blood to and from the rest of the body. The four chambers of the heart are the right and left atrium (the heart of the heart) at the top of the heart, and the right and left ventricles (chambers of the heart) at the bottom of the heart. The right atrium of the heart receives dirty blood or which contains little oxygen (because it binds to
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Is it true that match is similar

There is an assumption circulating in the community that states that those who are paired usually have a similar face. In addition to similar faces, couples are also said to have a match if they have similarities in personality and hobbies or interests. Is this scientifically proven? Based on several studies, there are indeed many couples who have physical similarities. However, this can not be used as a benchmark in finding a partner. Don't just try to find someone who looks like you, to be a partner. A Scientific Explanation of a Mate may Look Similar According to one study, one factor couples look similar is because their personalities also tend to be similar. This is reinforced in a research through the analysis of photographs of newly married couples by comparing photos of couples whose marriage level is more than 25 years. The results show that the longer a couple is together, the more they look similar to each other. Not only that, the happy life lived by a partner ca

Is it true that married couples are healthier and happier than singles

There is an assumption that married couples are healthier and happier. While single people tend to feel lonely and more at risk of contracting disease. Is that right? According to research, married couples are indeed at lower risk for depression and some types of illness, compared to single people. Even so, this actually depends on the health conditions of each person and also the relationship of each partner. Various Benefits of Getting Married In general, the benefits of getting married that specifically have a positive impact on his health include: Physical and mental health Healthy lifestyle experts recommend marriage as a way to live healthier, not only physically, but also mentally. Interaction with a partner can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and generate the love hormone oxytocin which gives rise to arousal and a sense of calm. Get support A healthy marriage will make someone feel that he always has emotional support whenever needed. More careful Married coup